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Expensive Wedding Bell Blues

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(Sabah Newspaper, 14 December 2014)

İki günlük gelin âşığına kaçtı
             Marital bliss was short-lived.

Oktay Elkiran (24), who worked in construction in Switzerland,
came to his hometown in Kayseri two years ago and married
Semsi D. (17), on the recommendation of a friend.  Elkiran
spent 110,000 TL ($50K) on the wedding but his new wife
begged off on their honeymoon, claiming that "my stomach

Two days later, Semsi D. ran off with her boyfriend. Elkiran
then filed for divorce and asked for 100,000 TL compensation
from Semsi D.  Countersuing, Semsi D. demanded 500 TL
monthly alimony and 50,000 TL for compensation (!).  The court
found for Elkiran, rejecting Semsi D.'s demands but reduced
the woman's debt to Elkiran to 10,000 TL, in view of her poor
financial situation.

Elkiran explained that "two days after the wedding my wife
absconded with three suitcases full of clothes and 8,000 Swiss
Francs of mine.  I found out that she ran off with her old
boyfriend U.D.  At the wedding, she was continually dancing
with U.D. but thinking he was a relative, I didn't suspect
anything. In fact, prior to the wedding she had me buy
U.D. a suit as a gift."

"And my mother-in-law said to me 'you're an Almanci (worker
in Germany/Europe). You're so rich you won't even notice it.'
She had me buy her 100 skirts and 100 shirts for her to give to
her relatives, and 20 suits, 6 of them for my father-in-law. I
spent 30,000 TL for these and 40,000 TL on gold. On top of that,
I had to give them 20,000 TL as a bride price.  I fell into
depression and lost my job in Switzerland. Let my predicament
be a lesson for everyone."

                 Kayseri province.

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