6 Aralık 2014 Cumartesi

Even ISIS Hasn't Thought of Poison Shoes

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(Sabah Newspaper, 6 December 2014)

 Latest in WMD footwear. Designed by Richard Reid?

The Customs and Trade Ministry is pursuing the poison shoe
scandal that came to light at the Erenkoy Customs Directorate.
The Chinese-made footwear, belonging to Denge International
Shoes, contain dangerous chemical material and should have been
destroyed.  However, nearly 20,000 pairs of shoes of the Arow,
Arow Men and Arow Kids brands were not destroyed and made
their way to the market.

            Unpaid advisor?

In a statement, the Ministry related that 2,368 pairs of the poison
shoes were found in 28 provinces and taken off the market.
Minister Nurettin Canikli announced that two trainees at the
Erenkoy Customs Directorate who exposed the scandal had
been summoned to Ankara and given an award.  According
to the Ministry, the culpable firm was fined 266,490 TL ($130K).


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