8 Aralık 2014 Pazartesi

From Down Under to Down & Out in Istanbul

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(Sabah Newspaper, 8 December 2014)

4 yılımı çaldı, 4 yıl ceza alsın
Murat Y. and Lilet Van Der Lee, in happier times...

Lilet Van Der Lee (52) came from Australia to Istanbul on
vacation four years ago.  Van Der Lee, the mother of two
children, stayed in a hotel in the Sultanahmet district of
Istanbul. There, the hotel owner's brother Murat Y.(34) won
Van Der Lee's confidence and got her to sell her home for
$350,000, which Murat Y. then took for himself.

When Van Der Lee asked for her money she was locked in
a house for 6 months and beaten.  Under the threat of never
seeing her children again, Van Der Lee signed a paper that
read "I have received all of my money."  Once free, Van Der
Lee began to pursue legal redress, resulting in Murat Y. being
fined 36,500 TL ($18,000) and sentenced to two years in

Not satisfied with Murat Y.'s punishment, Van Der Lee
said that "he stole four years of my life. I wanted him to get
at least four years in jail." Van Der Lee's lawyers Hatice
Mutludogan and Yesim Araci Kiraz said the court's decree
will be appealed.

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