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Christmas Grinch Decries Christian Propaganda

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(Hurriyet Newspaper, 25 December 2014)

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The resemblance is uncanny...

Yasar Demir, the Provincial Director of Eduction in Bartin province,
sent the following instructions to all his school principals: "Do not give
any opportunity to celebrations for Christmas and New Year's, which
are Christian propaganda vehicles in our beautiful 99% Moslem

After learning about Demir's instructions, Bartin Parliamentarian
Riza Yalcinkaya of the CHP (opposition Republican Peoples Party)
sent a message to Turkish Education Minister Nabi Avci, demanding
an explanation.

For his part, Demir admitted that he had sent the original instructions,
explaining, "but friends, they probably HAVE done things that amount to
Christian propaganda. In any event, we don't have any problem with
Christianity. We respect everyone's religion. My message was very
clear in this regard." (!)

       Bartin: the province Santa forgot.     :(

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