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Sultans' Songs Get Lisbon's Ear

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(Sabah Newspaper, 12 December 2014)

Portekizliler ilk kez Osmanlı valsleri dinledi
Ottomans invade Portugal, musically anyway.

Classic European music as played in the palaces of the Ottoman
Empire for a time, some of which was composed by Sultan Murad
the Fifth and Sutan Abdulaziz, great admirers of such music, has
been heard for the first time by the Portuguese.

Music director Emre Araci, a Turk living in London who made a
study of "European Music in the Ottoman Palace", gave a concert
in the Sao Carlos Theater in Lisbon, accompanied by the Portuguese
Symphony Orchestra. The concert featured works composed by
Sultans Murad and Abdulaziz, along with those of noteable figures
in Turkey at that time, such as Rifat Bey, Burhaneddin Efendi,
Fehime Sultan and  Donizetti Pasa.

As the orchestra played, a giant screen in the background showed
a visual presentation of Ottoman-related scenes related to classic
European music.  In between musical scores Emre Araci provided
information about the development of this music in the period of
the Ottoman Empire.  The Portuguese audience applauded heartily
at the conclusion of the concert.

Portugal and Turkey book-end Europe's south.


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