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The Sweet Smell, and Taste, of Deodorant

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(Sabah Newspaper, 2 December 2014)

 And there's no aerosol aftertaste...

In Bulgaria, the Alpi sugar firm owned by Ventsislav Peychev
has developed an eatable deodorant.  When the "Deo Parfum
Candy" is eaten - in the form of a bon bon-type candy -
unpleasant odors in the body are vanquished, and one smells
like a rose for 6 hours.

However, the effect of the candy deodorant is dependent on
the size and weight of the consumer. Peychev  said that he was
inspired to make the candy deodorant by the work of a Japanese
scientist, whose research found that a material called geraniol
found in roses cannot be digested and is secreted by the skin.
Geraniol has the reverse effect of garlic, which produces a
repellent smell.

The idea of a candy deodorant was tried in Japan as a gum
but didn't catch on.  Alpi's factory in the Asenovgard region
of Switzerland began to make the deodorant pills from rose
oil in 2011.  The sugar firm is now preparing to export  the

To appeal to men, the firm has developed a lavender flower
candy. A reporter for AFP who met with the company's
officials stated that the candy deodorant works and the
rose and lavender aromas can be detected in one's breath
and skin.

 It's not his Halloween haul, it's his deodorant.

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