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New Low: Shakes Down Army Buddy's Mom

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(Milliyet Newspaper, 14 December 2014)

        Crocodile tears at army buddy's grave.

Suleyman Kalkan, who lived in Sucullu village of Yalvac
district,Isparta province, was killed while on military duty in
Cukurca district of Hakkari province on 19 October 2011.
In May, 2014, Hasan B.(23) came to Sucullu village, identifying
himself as Suleyman Kalkan's army buddy. Hasan B. told
Kalkan's family that he had been injured in the same battle
where Kalkan died.

Hasan B. told the family that "Suleyman's in my dream every
night asking me 'why haven't you gone to see my mom?
Weren't we brothers?' I was in the hospital for two years so
that's why I haven't come."  Hasan B. went on to say that he
is in financial difficulty and had to hitchhike in order to come
to Sucullu from Tokat province, sleeping in mosques along
the way.

Hasan B. claimed that while they were in the army together
Suleyman had borrowed $200 from him in order to buy a
cellphone.  The Kalkan family then gave Hasan B. 700 TL
as compensation. However, Suleyman's mother Serife (45)
became suspicious and called her son's former commander.

Upon learning that Hasan B. had not been in Suleyman's unit,
Serife filed a criminal complaint.  Serife learned, as well, that
Hasan B. had been in an artillery unit in Cukurca but had never
served together with her son.  The public prosecutor then opened
a case against Hasan B. for "fraud by exploitation of religious
beliefs and emotions."

In his statement, Hasan B. said that the claims against him
did not reflect the truth and he maintained that Suleyman Kalkan
had borrowed money from him. In the end, Hasan B. was
sentenced to jail for 2.5 years and fined 1,660 TL ($800).

Yalvac district is in northern Isparta province.

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