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Business Edition: When a Solution is No Solution

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(Hurriyet Newspaper, 13 December 2014)

Attn. Businessmen: If it sounds too good to be true...

This year an African gang that claimed it could turn black
paper into banknotes by means of a special solution bilked
43 (!) businessmen in Turkey out of approximately $5 million.

The gang's latest victim was to have been Ankara businessman
A.Y., who was dealing with Jean R.T. and Fidele N.S. of
Cameroon and Rosiand L. from the Central African Republic.
When A.Y. became suspicious and tipped off police, the gang
was caught.

In their statement to police, the suspects said that "we arrived
after a 7-hour flight from Cameroon. Our friends had made
lots of money this way but we were caught on our first try."
The suspects were all expelled from Turkey.

    "Have I got a deal for you!"

The practicioners of this black paper scam are primarily
Africans.  After cutting their black paper to the size of a Euro
note they claim to be able to change the paper into Euros with a
special chemical solution.  Some sample banknotes are painted
over black and then 'turn into' Euros or dollars via the solution
for the benefit of the unsuspecting customers.

The customers leave an amount of Euros or dollars with the gang,
on the promise that the amount will be doubled using the solution
by the next morning, by which time the gang has (of course)

'Black paper' scammers come from here.

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