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Extravagance Fit For a King

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(Sabah Newspaper, 22 December 2014)

//ed. note: 4th Anniversary Issue today.//

'Let them eat cake, or couscous, or whatever..."

King Muhammed the 6th of Morroco, his wife Princess Lalla
Selma and their children have come to Turkey for a private
visit.  During the arrival of the King and Princess at Ataturk
Airport the press was not permitted in the State Guest House.

A Boeing 737-800 private jet carrying Princess Lalla Selma,
her children and their assistants touched down in Istanbul at
1730 hours yesterday evening.  They all boarded a vechicle
that came to the side of the aircraft and departed the airport.

"Send a plane back. I forgot my royal toothbrush!"

King Muhammed arrived at Istanbul at 1940 hours from
Abu Dhabi, aboard his Boeing 747-400 Jumbo Jet. The Deputy
Governor of Istanbul, Fevzi Gunes, and other officials greeted
the King upon his arrival.  A vechicle was waiting on the apron
to take the King to the Ciragan Palace Hotel, where he will

Preparations for the visit of the 51 year-old King to Turkey
began many days ago.  The belongings of the royal family
were brought to Istanbul by 3 Moroccan Air Force cargo
planes (!).  The items in the cargo planes were carefully
unloaded and transferred to cargo vehicles.  In the scope of
their visit to Turkey, the royal family is expected to tour
historic and touristic places outside of Istanbul.

      Morocco on the left, Turkey on the right.

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