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Christmas Edition: Santa's Reindeer Delivered

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(Hurriyet Newspaper, 14 December 2014)

TİKA’dan Dukha Türkleri’ne rengeyiği
       Every kid's dream ride at Christmastime.

The Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TIKA) has
arranged for 20 new reindeer to be provided to the Dukha Turks, who
live in the remotest part of Mongolia.  The twenty reindeer, obtained
from Yakutia in Russia, will be delivered to the Dukha Turks at
the beginning of the week.

According to TIKA, the request for the reindeer came from the
Dukha Turks and TIKA had them transported from Yakutia by
trailer truck to the Mongolian border, where the reindeer were
kept and fed for two months.  The animals were then transported
by truck to the Dukha Turks's homeland in Tsagaannuur district
of Hovsgol province, 1,000 kilometers from Ulanbator, the
Mongolian capital.   The reindeer were presented as a gift to
the Dukha Turks in a ceremony attended by Turkish Ambassador
Murat Karagoz in mid-December.

Hovsgol provincial capital is Moron, in northern Mongolia.

The name of the Dukha Turks in the local language is Tsaatan
and these nomads are comprised of 600 people in 60 families.
Their livelihood is dependent on raising reindeer but their own
had become too inbred, necessitating the new reindeer.

New reindeer for Dukha Turks came from Yakutia.

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