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Adana Rough on Mailmen, Doctors

turkce links to original Turkish article

(Sozcu and Zaman Newspapers, 15 March 2015)

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No dog attack...this time.

In Adana, mailman Zekeriya Karakaya was the vicitm of violence!
Karakaya brought a notice about a consumer complaint to the home
of a citizen named M.A.  When Karakaya found no one home he
left the notice with the neighborhood chief.

A week later, M.A. confronted Karakaya, demanding to know
"why didn't you bring the notice to my home?!"  M.A. the proceeded
to hit Karakaya over the head with a plastic chair.  Karakaya suffered
a swolen eye as the result of the attack and filed a complaint about
M.A., saying that "my life is in danger because of this notice."

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Another long-suffering mailman. The resemblance is uncanny...

turkce links to original Turkish article

(Sozcu and Zaman Newspapers, 15 March 2015)

Tıp Bayramı’nda doktoru dövdüler
No good deed goes unpunished. Here's a good example.

In Adana, Emergency Room doctor Atilla Silibolatlaz  was attacked
on 14 March Medical Holiday (!) by the relatives of a patient.  The
incident occurred in the ER of Numune Training and Research
Hospital in Yuregir district.

A young woman who was involved in a car accident was brought
to Adana State Hospital but was then transferred to Numune for
examination by a chest surgeon.  Dr. Silibolatlaz told the woman's
relatives that "a chest surgery specialist has to look at this patient.
We've called one and he'll be here soon."  Claiming that Dr.
Silibolatlaz was not  taking enough interest in the woman, her
relatives attacked him.  Based on Dr. Silibolatlaz's complaint the
relatives were taken into custody.

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Do all ER doctors look alike? The resemblance is uncanny...

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