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When Good Friends Go Bad, While Clubbing

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(Sabah Newspaper, 30 March 2015)

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Senay C. kinda looks like she could get into some trouble...

Senay C. went to a night club in Kurucesme, Istanbul, on Sunday,
15 February to have fun, but instead she lost her handbag.  Senay
hanim, who is a public relations director, was able to obtain the
security camera video from the nightclub.  Then, when she saw that
her friend Berna M., with whom she was clubbing, had taken her
handbag off her chair and stuffed it into her jacket, she filed a

Berna M. defended herself, saying that she was drunk at the time
and took Senay's handbag by mistake.  However, in the video it
can be seen that Berna M. had her own handbag in her hand, too.

As the legal process proceeded, this time Berna M. filed her own
complaint about Senay, asserting that Senay had demanded 6,000 TL
(about $3,000) in  blackmail, otherwise Senay would post the images
of Berna M. stealing her handbag on the internet.  When Berna M.
refused to pay, Senay posted the images.

It has been determined that Senay shared the images on her Instagram
account, writing Berna M.'s name under the images. Both the theft
and the accusations of blackmail between the two have been folded
into the ongoing investigation.


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Kurucesme is just a bit north of Besiktas on the Bosphorus.

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