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If Only He'd Stayed a Used Car Salesman

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(Sabah Newspaper, 18 March 2015)

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Caution, your salesman may be packing more than financing.

Sadik K. (30) worked at a car dealership in Bagcilar, Istanbul.
When he was caught with three weapons on him, he accused
Hasan Basri K., who runs a tourism bureau, of snitching on
him and, in revenge, took Hasan Basri K.'s nephew Yalcin K.
hostage.  After getting 14,800 TL (about $7,000) in ransom,
Sadik K. was arrested in a police operation.

Sadik K. had been fired for having the three weapons. He
suspected that Hasan Basri K. and his partner Murat C., who
have a tourism bureau on the same street as the car dealership,
had informed on him so he demanded 45,000 TL from them as
compensation.  When the two partners didn't pay up, Sadik K.
took nephew Yalcin K.(33) hostage at gunpoint.

Hasan Basri K. then relented somewhat and paid Sadik K. 5,600 TL,
upon which Sadik K. released Yalcin K., whom he had been holding
hostage in a coffeeshop (!).  However, two days later, Sadik K.
came to the tourism bureau and got another 9,200 TL, again at

Realizing that he couldn't buy his peace of mind from Sadik K.,
Hasan Basri K. filed a complaint with the police, who then
raided Sadik K.'s house and took him into custody. During the
raid police seized two unlicensed revolvers, a pistol that fires
blanks and  about 150 rounds of ammunition.

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          Bagcilar district, Istanbul

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