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Anger & Alcohol (Mis) Management Edition

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(Vatan Newspaper, 3 March 2015)

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      It's pretty clear that O.K. isn't OK.

In Aydin, O.K. (!) became angry at his wife because she wouldn't
give him any money so he shot and killed a chicken in their yard
with his unlicensed revolver.  He then took their four children,
ranging in age from 5 to 26 years, hostage and fired at the police
when they came to the scene.

O.K. (56), a retired worker who had been drinking all afternoon,
phoned his wife B.K., who had gone to visit relatives, at about
1530 hours and asked her for 200 TL ($100).  When B.K. refused
O.K.'s request he went berserk and shot a chicken in the garden
of their home on 1676 Street in the Kemer neighborhood. He
then took their children A.O.K. (!) (22), H.U. (26), M.K. (7) and
U.E.K. (5) hostage.

Neighbors who heard the gunshots and screams coming from
the house called police, who arrived on the scene. O.K. fired
at the police and one of them was injured in his hand and leg
as he threw himself to the ground to avoid the shots.  O.K.
fled in the confusion but ran out of ammunition and was
cornered on 1667 Street, a dead-end.

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                    Aydin province.


turkce links to original Turkish article

(Sabah Newspaper, 3 March 2015)

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"I won't enter any bar that would have me as a patron."
(paraphrasing Groucho Marx)

In Izmir's Konak district, Oguzhan Ufak (23) was refused
entrance to a bar in the Alsancak section on Bars Street,
also known as Gazi Kadinlar Sokagi, because he was already
too drunk.  Ufak, who is unemployed, had gone to the bar
with his friend H.E. (25).

Enraged at being barred from the bar (!), Ufak went to his
home in Karsiyaka and got his pump-action rifle.  He
returned to the bar and shot wildly, injuring 10 people.
Police checked security video and quickly captured Ufak
with his rifle.

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           Izmir city and environs.

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