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Bahama Drama Swallows Two Guys from Mardin

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(Milliyet and HaberTurk Newspapers, 31 March 2015)

Bahamalar’da 2 kayıp Dargecitli
                   Huseyin Ozkan and Veysi Oral

Veysi Oral (15) of Mardin, served as a Turkish army commando in
Tunceli province for 15 months and afterwards he worked in the
construction and textiles sectors. But Oral wanted to go abroad so
he looked on the internet and decided on the Bahama Islands (!).
Together with his cousin Huseyin Ozkan (36), they left Dargecit
district of Mardin on 20 February 2012 and flew to Havana, Cuba,
from Istanbul.

The pair stayed in Havana for five days before moving to the
Bahamas, but then they disappeared.  Their families have been
looking for them since 2012 but without a word from either of
them.  Last year, the Oral and Ozkan families' representative
Nayif Gumus asked the Kurdish BDP party for help. Gumus
explained to the BDP that Veysi and Huseyin had been met at
the Nassau airport by airport workers Kevin Giggins and Anton
Semor on 1 March 2012.

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    Dargecit district is Mardin's easternmost.

The two cousins checked into the Royal Islander Hotel on 1
March. On the night of 9 March, Giggins's cousin Clement
Mackenzie picked up Veysi and Huseyin from the hotel and
they were never heard from again.  When Gumus went to
the hotel to find the pair, he claimed that Giggins had asked
him "did the guys want to sell their kidneys?"

In the latest development, the Miami police contacted the
families to report that Huseyin Ozkan's identity card had
been found in the ocean.  Veysi's older brother Yusuf Oral
lamented that "we think my brother was captured by gangs
that deal in organs, human trafficking and drugs."

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