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Prison's 'Pink Room' Turns Blood Red

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(Sabah Newspaper, 21 March 2015)

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Who'd want to be in a room of any color with this guy?

The Turkish Justice Ministry started 'pink rooms' for well-behaved convicts
to enjoy conjugal visits with their wives as of 31 March 2013.  A related
incident occurred in the Sivas E Type (not to be confused with the Jaguar
E Type) prison the night before last.

Convict Metin Avci (33, 'avci' means, appropriately, 'hunter'), who killed
his cousin Engin Avci five years ago because Engin had raped Metin's wife
Leyla (29), was recently transferred from the Sanliurfa prison to the one in
Sivas.  Wife Leyla and their three children, who all live in Malatya, came
to visit Metin at the Sivas prison.

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                         The Pink Room

After a family visit, Metin and Leyla retired to the 'pink room'. There, the
couple argued about the rape Leyla had suffered through, prompting
Metin to try to strangle her with a rope (!). Failing that, he used a knife he
had obtained from the prison canteen to peel fruit for the couple in the
'pink room', to cut her throat.  Metin then cut his own wrists in a suicide

Recovering from his self-inflicted wounds at Numune Hospital, Metin
told police that he killed Leyla because she had been raped by his cousin
Engin (!!).  Leyla had been paying for all of Metin's prison expenses
and most recently had scrimped and saved to gather 500 TL for his
dental work at the prison.  There was a call/panic button in the 'pink
room' but it was not used.

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                  Sivas province.

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