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White Bullet-Proof Vests for Bad Guys Only

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(Sabah Newspaper, 23 March 2015)

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All suspects will be wearing white before and after Labor Day.

Igdir's police chief has come out against putting police bullet-proof
vests on suspects to protect them from lynchings and other attacks
as they are taken to court.  Instead, Chief Yuksel Babal has come up
with an alternative idea - white vests for suspects.

Feeling that having the suspects wear police vests was demeaning
to the police force, Babal said "why should a rapist or a child molester
wear my honorable police vest?"  In addition to the white vests,
suspects will wear a beige-colored cap, rather than a police hat.

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Previously, it seemed like police were on a friendship march...

Last year suspects involved in sex crimes were dressed in the white vests
and beige caps but now all suspects are.  The practice is catching on
in other provices, too.  Chief  Babal added that "I was uncomfortable
with them wearing police vests.  With this new practice, there's no
danger to the suspects' lives."

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Igdir province is way out east, on the borders with Armenia,
Nahcivan (Azerbaijan) and Iran.

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