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Sacrificing Childhood to Butcher a Sacrifice

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(Hurriyet Newspaper, 24 March 2015)

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   Pity the poor kid who has to play the goat...

A 'Nevruz' (Spring) celebration was held in connection with Turkish
World Communities Week beginning on 21 March at the Haci Sami
Boydak Elementary and Middle School in Hacilar district of Kayseri
province.  At the event, first-grade students (!) put on a play entitled
"Cutting the Sacrifice".

Two male students used wooden knives brought to them by a girl
student for use in butchering the 'sacrifice' - another student playing
the role of a bound and tied goat.   Prior to the start of the play, 'tekbir'
(chant of 'Allahuekber/God is supreme') was sounded and the 'Genc
Osman' (a  nationalistic Turkish anthem) march was played.

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     Learning early that 'it's all in the wrist'. 

Some parents objected to the play, noting that "even on Kurban
Bayrami (Feast of Sacrifice) pains are taken to shield children
from the moment the animal is killed. So why are they showing
it here?"

School officials explained the rationale for staging the play
as follows: "at Nevruz the animals are grazed in pastures and
an animal is sacrificed so that a meat pilav can be offered for
Nevruz. That's why the cutting of the sacrifice was shown."

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Hacilar district is about 25 kilometers south of the Kayseri capital.

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