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'Carrot Top' Lookalike Swindler Nabbed in Ankara

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(Hurriyet Newspaper, 6 March 2015)

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For some reason, 'Agent Red' had trouble keeping a low-profile.

Individuals identifying themselves as prosecutors and policemen
have bilked 13 people in Ankara out of 1.5 million TL ($750,000)
over the past three months. Victims identified the person who came
to collect the money as "red-haired, 5 feet 6 inches tall, young,
athletic and respectful."

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American idol Carot Top. The resemblance is uncanny...

Most recently, the hoodwinkers took a total of 62,000 TL from a
retiree in Bahcelievler, Ankara, but they were caught on a security
camera.  Based on the images, the police located the red-haired
suspect and arrested him and his associate. The 13 victims
identified the red-haired suspect as Fevzettin Adiguzel (19).
He was arrested along with Mehmet Ozturk (25).

The swindlers set up their base in Akcakale district of  Sanliurfa
province and made telephone calls from there to all of Turkey's
81 provinces and, in fact, to places abroad.  Identifying themselves
as prosecutors and police, the swindlers frightened their victims
with tales about terrorist groups like the PKK, ISIS and Al Qaida.
The addresses of those they fooled were given to gang members,
like Fevzettin Adiguzel, whose nickname is 'agent red', in the
provinces, who then collected the money.

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Akcakale is on the border with ISISistan.

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