20 Mart 2015 Cuma

Smurfs Usher in Nevruz, Kurdish New Year

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(Sabah Newspaper, 20 March 2015)

Actually, PKK fighters in (very effective) camouflage.

In Diyarbakir, Zarok TV, a Kurdish-language channel for children,
will begin broadcasting on 21 March, the Kurdish New Year's Day,
known as Nevruz.

Programs will be offered in the Kurmanci, Kirmancki (Zazaki)
and Sorani dialects of Kurdish.  Cartoons such as Smurfs,
Sponge Bob, Gumball and Adventure Time will be featured.
The Zarok TV Broadcasting Council has announced that the
channel will be carried on TURKSAT.

Image result for kurdish area turkey map
Zarok TV's audience, in the dark orange areas.

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