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Drugs Edition: Narco-Rat Whines; Baron's Escape Route

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(Hurriyet Newspaper, 26 March 2015)

Meclis'e dilekçe: Hani benim uyuşturucu ikramiyem
Turkish Parliament weighs informant's pay problem.

A drug informant from Istanbul has appealed to the Turkish
Parliament for help, complaining that "my informant payment
wasn't paid." after he helped officials seize 5 kilograms of
bonzai and 8,000 ecstacy pills.  The informant, E.D., applied to the
Parliamentary Petition Commission without even concealing
his identity:

"Dear Chairman, I am a registered informant in the Istanbul
narcotics bureau but I am not getting the compensation I deserve
for the work and tips I've provided. According to the law, a portion
of the bonus for a successful tip should be paid to the informant
when the suspects appear in court and the rest of it after the
higher court process is completed. But even after the suspect
has been sentenced I have not received my bonus. Because I
appealed to you previously and filed a complaint with you,
I am not getting my bonus."

E.D. asked that his file be erased in the presence of Parliament
officials, since he did not want to continue as an informant if
he wasn't going to get paid for it.  In response to E.D.'s petition,
the Interior Ministry informed the Parliament that it was waiting
for an expert report to verify the purity of the drugs seized. The
Parliamentary Petition Commision decided to wait for this
report before taking any action.


turkce links to original Turkish article

(Hurriyet Newspaper, 27 March 2015)

//ed. note: herewith follow-up information of our TNT blog of
a couple of days ago about drug baron Dogan Alagoz's escape
from prison by having a fake, court discharge order faxed to the

Firar faksı 16.50’de çekilmiş
Opted for the scenic overland route for his departure from Turkey. 

Dogan Alagoz, who escaped from Silivri Prison outside Istanbul
by having a fake discharge order faxed to the prison, is the
brother-in-law of Halil Havar, nicknamed the "Magnificent Turk"
after he escaped by helicopter from a prison in Holland.

After being 'released' from Silivri Prison, Alagoz does not appear
to have left Turkey legally. Instead, it is claimed that he went
overland first to Iran, and from there to Afghanistan and Tajikistan.
Alagoz's telephone calls from these countries to contacts in Turkey
are the basis for this claim.

 Image result for orta asya haritasi
Drug baron said to have fled through Iran to Afghanistan and

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