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Black Widows' Sting Fatal for Retiree

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(Posta Newspaper, 12 March 2015)

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Two of the three black widows, Beyhan and Derya, sandwich
hapless victim Ahmet.

Retiree Ahmet Yesildag (70) of  Mersin met Sevilay Saygin while
playing a game on the internet in 2013. After a while, the two decided
to live together so Yesildag sold his house in Mersin and  sent the
money to Saygin in Bursa's Mudanya district. He soon followed
and lived with Saygin in Mudanya.

After four months together, Yesildag signed over property he owned
in Sanliurfa province to Saygin, as well.  The next day, at Saygin's
request, Yesildag officially married Saygin's niece Derya Mizrakci (!).
Two hours after the wedding, Mizrakci returned to her home in
Aksaray and later on the night of 23 May 2013 Yesildag died in

Yesildag's son Ali received the news of his father's 'normal' death
but was taken aback by the details about the disposition of his
property and the suspicious timing of his wedding and death. Based
on Ali Yesildag's complaint to the public prosecutor, Ahmet's
body was exhumed and large amounts of morphine and codeine
were found in his body.

Saygin, Derya Mizrakci and her mother Beyhan Mizrakci were
arrested for murder. Beyhan's former husband Yavuz Batur was
called to testify for the case and asserted that "they're like a gang.
When I was married to Beyhan I got sick quite a bit but the doctor
said it wasn't a normal illness. After I stopped drinking the 'medicine'
Beyhan was giving me I got better right away and then we divorced."

As for Ahmet Yesildag's health, his son Ali said that "my father
was very healthy. He swam three hours a day and walked at least
10 kilometer each day. After he went to Bursa his health went to
pot and a few months later came the news of his death."

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Bursa-Mudanya in NE Anatolia; Mersin on the east Med coast;
Sanliurfa in the southeast and Aksaray south of Ankara.

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