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Parking Etiquette Ignored, With Deadly Results

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(Hurriyet Newspaper, 12 March 2015)

We've all lived this nightmare.  But we didn't die from it.

The night before last in Bahcelievler, Istanbul, Bunyamin
Girenitlioglu, the owner of a parked car that was boxed in,
was shot and killed as a result of the related argument about
the matter.

The incident occurred at 2100 hours in front of an apartment
house on Kocasinan Avenue, in the Soganli neighborhood of
Sirinevler in Bahcelievler.  Girenitlioglu wanted to take his
son to the hospital for treatment of a sty, so he got into his
car on the dead-end street.

However, someone had parked so close in front of Girenitlioglu's
car that he couldn't get out.  He looked for the driver without
success and, in frustration, lifted the car's windshield wiper into
an upright position to signal his displeasure.  The car's owner soon
appeared with some friends and they took exception to Girenitlioglu's
wiper gesture.

Girenitlioglu's family came out on the street, as well, and a
shouting match ensued.  At this point, someone took out a
revolver and first shot twice into the air, before shooting
Girenitlioglu in the head.  The suspects fled and Girenitlioglu
was taken to the hospital, where he died the following day.

Turgay Girenitlioglu, a relative, claimed that the assailants
had come out of the coffeehouse on the corner of the street.
Police have arrested two suspects and are seeking a third.

Image result for bahcelievler istanbul haritasi
             Bahcelievler district of Istanbul.

//ed. note: the surname 'Girenitlioglu' could indicate that 
the family hails from the village of Girenit in Develi
district of Kayseri province.//

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