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Supposed 'Predator' Victimized on Social Media

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(Hurriyet Newspaper, 14 March 2015)

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Piril hanim carried away in her role as 'a social media youth'.

University student Piril P. (19) turned on her cellphone camera
while on the bus in Atasehir, Istanbul, claiming that she was
being sexually harassed.  As she took the video, she could be
heard saying "the guy you see next to me has been groping me
for half an hour.  Yes, look at this creep. I hope he gropes his
mother like this."

The young woman posted the video on the internet on 16 September
2013 and its quickly became a hit on social media.  But when S.A.,
the hospital janitor said to be the groper, saw the images on the
internet he filed a complaint with the public prosecutor.  Then,
Piril P. declared that "I felt physical contact on the bus and as a
social media youth (!) that's how I reacted. Later I regreted what I
did because the video was posted on other media channels without
my knowledge."

The prosecutor filed a case against Piril P. for the crime of
"insult by using voice, written or image technology."  And because
she used foul language, considered an attack on S.A.'s dignity,
the sentence requested was increased from 4 months to 2 years
and 8 months.

Suspect Piril P. did not attend the hearing held at the 48th small
crimes court at the Anadolu Justice Palace, because of her exams.
S. A., however, attended with his wife and son and vowed "I
will pursue this to the end. My world was shattered. I thought
about suicide."

At the hearing, S.A. related that "the bus was crowded. I was
standing by the door. There was a girl next to me cursing and
taking a video.  Then I noticed that she was taking a video of
me. I didn't know what was going on.  The next day at the hospital
the boss showed me the video on the internet.  I was stunned.
I was humiliated and fired from my job."

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      Atasehir district of Istanbul

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