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Giving a 'Thumbs Up' With His Toe

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(Sabah Newspaper, 17 March 2015)

           'Good-to-Go' back to carpentry.

Last month master carpenter Omer Turkan (34) lost his right
thumb and two fingers in a machine accident in Istanbul.  
Following the incident, two of the three fingers cut off were
stitched back into place on his hand, but not his thumb.

Turkan, who still couldn't use his right hand, applied
to the Medical Faculty Hospital at Sulcuk University in Konya.
Plastic surgeon Prof. Dr. Zekeriya Tosun and his team there
successfully transplanted the second toe from Turkan's left foot
to serve as the thumb on his right hand. Turkan has begun to
use his right hand and has started to feel sensation in his
transplanted toe-thumb.

Image result for omer turkan bas parmagi
 Dr. Tosun and team bring fingers and toes together.

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