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Batman Tribe Batty from Lawsuits

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(Sabah Newspaper, 8 March 2015)

"So we'll bury the lawyers over there by the Batcave..."

Mirza Aga, the leader of the Receban Tribe, one of the most
important tribes of southeastern Anatolia, left behind about
40,000 donum (10,000 acres) of land when he died 105 years
ago.  Mirza Aga had 11 children from two wives and they began
to work the land in Binatli, Cayustu, Karayun, Erkoklu, Akca,
Oymatas and Recepler villages, near Batman center.

When Mirza Aga's children died years later they wanted his
grandchildren to share the land.  Suits were filed in this regard
62 years ago and still haven't been settled, while the number of
heirs has steadily increased to about 1,000 today.

Abdulhamit Kanagi, Mirza Aga's grandchild and former Youth
and Sports Director for Batman province, said that because of
the pending law suits they can't make any investments in the

According to Kanagi, "there are about 50 families that
are heirs. 62 years ago, 15 suits were filed but they haven't
yet been resolved. A person should be happy if his grandfather
leaves an inheritance but our grandfather left us lawsuits instead.
We don't want to leave these lawsuits to our children. The girls
get a share, we don't discriminate against our daughters. Yet,
amidst all this prosperity we're suffering.'

Kanagi explained that since most of the land is near the provincial
center, its value is in the millions of lira.  Another of Mirza Aga's
grandchildren, Serif Budak, said that "we're members of the
region's and Batman's biggest tribe. We have valuable land worth
millions and we're farming some of it.  But we can't make any
investments in the land."

Lawyer Zek Ekmen stated that because the litigation has dragged
on so long they can't find any expert witnesses and he added that
"when these kinds of suits aren't resolved, problems between the
families emerge over time."

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Batman province. Villages are just SE of the provincial capital.

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