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'Minecraft' Heading for Ban in Turkey

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(HaberTurk Newspaper, 10 March 2015)

//ed. note: truth be told, our TNT staff does not include any of the
 game's 100 million followers. Blame it on the  generation gap.//

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Hmmm, perhaps ISIS is a Minecraf t advisor...

The Ministry for Family and Social Policy has completed an
investigation into the Minecraft game, which has attracted
100 million players around the world and is spreading rapidly
in Turkey.  The Ministry has decided to begin the legal process
to ban the game in Turkey.

The investigative report was prepared by the Ministry's General
Directorate for Children's Services and it has been sent to the
legal department for action.  The report asserts that "although
the game appears to stimulate creativity in children, it produces
unfavorable effects of children's psychology because it induces
them to resort to violence in the course of the game."

The viewpoint of a 9 year-old player was included in the report:
"My character's name is Steve. I'm building a farm, a house and
a field. There's a bad man named Enderman who kills you as
soon as you look at him. That's why I have to kill him first with
an arrow, or fire or with a sword. Sometimes I kill a sheep in
order to eat meat."

The head of the Ankara Internet Cafe Owners Association weighed
in on the proposed banning of the game, which attracts players
from the 6-12 year-old age group, as follows: "There's no country
in the world that's banned this game. If the rest of the world says
'yes' and we say 'no', then we're making a mistake."

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             OMG! It's the ISIS logo!

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