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French Tourists' Unwanted Turkish Bath Massage

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(Hurriyet Newspaper, 7 March 2015)

Hamamda masajlı taciz
"Harassment Happens Here!" reads the sign at Turkish bath.

Two French female tourists went to a Turkish bath on Tersane
Avenue in Karakoy, Istanbul, three days ago, with their boyfriends.
At first, the couples were told that the bath was co-ed so they all
entered, but then the women were directed to a separate section,
where four men had the women strip down to their underwear on
the pretext that they would be massaged (!).

It was the first time the women had ever been to a Turkish bath
so, afterwards, when they read about what ought to happen at a
Turkish bath on the internet, they realized they had been sexually
harassed.  They spread word of their experience on social media
and last night a group of 20 people, mostly tourists, gathered in
front of the bath, where police took precautions.

With a police escort, the two French tourists entered the bath and
identified the four men who had harassed them. The four were
taken into custody and the following announcement was made
on behalf of the group: "What happened here is a part of the
systematic harassment, rape and violence directed against foreign

Image result for karakoy istanbul map
     Karakoy is where the blue thing is.

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