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Life and Death Coincidence Edition

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(HaberTurk Newspaper, 9 March 2015)

Şırnak Emine Susin tesadüf
Fertility queens Emine, add 5th and 10th, respectively, to broods

Two women, both named Emine Susin and both living in Idil
district of Sirnak province,  were transported separately to
Cizre State Hospital where they gave birth minutes apart to a
boy and a girl, respectively.  The hospital staff took extra care
to make sure the babies weren't mixed up after this 'stranger-than-
fiction' coincidence.

Emine Susin (32), who lives in Idil and has four children (!), headed
for Idil State  Hospital when her labor pains started. At about the
same time, Emine Susin (33), who lives in Koycegiz village near
Idil and who has nine children (!!),  was brought to Idil State
Hospital to give birth.  Since both women need cesarean operations
to deliver their babies, they were both transferred to Cizre State

The same doctor delivered the two Emine's babies in the same
maternity ward, minutes apart.  After the births, both women were
taken to the intensive care unit, where the chief of the unit, Dr.
Ilhami Yilmaz said that "the women's names and surnames are
the same, the diagnosis and treatment the same, as well.  Since the
sex of each baby is different, there's no chance of a mix-up, though."

Emine Susin (32) already has four boy children, who now have
a sister.  The other Emine Susin (33) was married at age 13 and has
9 children, three of whom are girls. She said she was happy to bring
her tenth child into the world.

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Idil district is in the far west of  Sirnak province.

turkce links to original Turkish article

(Vatan and Posta Newspapers, 9 March 2015)

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    Journalist gets much too close to his story...

In Sungurlu district of Corum province, Yasar Selvioglu, Aykut
Tiknazoglu and Bulen Emrali left work and met up with Erol
Kaya and Mevlut Yilmaz, who had come from Kirikkale.

The five friends went for a drive but a rear tire blew on the Corum-
Ankara road and the car went out of control. The friends' car
crossed the road and first hit a truck before smashing into a TIR
(tractor trailer).   The car was totaled and all five young men died.

After the accident, TRT (Turkish Radio & TV) journalist Cahit
Emrali went to the site of the accident  to cover the story.  While
filming the scene, Cahit Emrali saw that one of the dead was his
brother Burak Emrali. Cahit fainted and was cared for the rescue
team already there.

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Corum province. Sungurlu district is in the southwest.

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