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Adele's Noticeable Turkish Accent Explained

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(Milliyet Newspaper, 25 January 2017)

'Adele’in  babası benim'
  Adele and Dad (?) - hands certainly look alike.

Mehmet Asar (52), a 'saz' (sort of a Turkish banjo) player and
folk singer who lives in Bodrum district of Muğla province, has
made an interesting claim.  In an interview the British pop star
Adele said that she is of Turkish heritage.  Now, Asar says that he
is her father.

Adele was born in 1988.  Her mother Penny Adkins came to
Gümbet in Bodrum in 1987 for a holiday and Asar claims that
he met Adkins, who told him she was a nurse, while he was
driving a taxi in Bodrum in those days.

Asar explained that "I showed Penny Adkins and her friends
around Bodrum's bays and Pamukkale for two weeks. We
liked each other. We were together for two weeks. Then she
extended her vacation and a month later she returned to England.
After that she came to Bodrum twice and she wanted me to
come back with her to England.  But I wanted to live in Bodrum,
not England.  We spoke on the phone but in those days it was
both difficult and expensive to make phone calls.  The dates
I was with her mother coincide with Adele's birthday exactly."

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      What happens in Bodrum...

Asar is working now as a folk musician. He says that "after I
met Adele's mother I never married.  I spent my years thinking
about her.  We spoke on the phone a few times.  Because I
want Adele to know the truth I had to make this announcement.
I invite both Adele and her mother to come to Bodrum.  I think
I'm Adele's father, I feel it.  If Adele wants, I can have a DNA
test done.  The most important thing that I want made known
is that I don't have any expectations at all.  I'm in a good place.
I just want my daughter to know the truth."

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