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Love Aflame in Amasra; Bird Flew in Adana

türkçe links to original Turkish article

(HaberTürk Newspaper, 16 January 2017)

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"I'm sorry my Ayşe." - probably the first of many from T.K.

A house was severely damaged in a fire in Amasra district of
Bartin province the evening before last.  The reason for the fire
in the Kum neighborhood shocked firefighters:  mine worker
T.K. went to the shore to write his girlfriend's name with lit candles.
However, because of the wind he was unsuccessful so he went back
to the home he had rented 15 days before.

At home T.K. lined up the candles to spell out his girlfriend's name
on top of his bed but as he was taking the picture a blanket caught
on fire.  T.K. ran to the kitchen but the water wasn't running so he
called the fire department.  After an hour the fire was brought under
control but the house suffered severe damage.

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                          Bartin province


türkçe links to original Turkish article

(Milliyet Newspaper, 16 January 2017)

Güvercinlere kepçeli soygun
     Thieves with an obsessive pidgeon fetish - what next...

Zeynel Niğdelioğlu and Ramazan Özdemir live in Çukurova district
of Adana province.  After they retired the two friends took up raising
pidgeons as a hobby, building a shack to house the birds in a vacant
lot.  The pair outfitted the shack with a 20-centimeter thick concrete
door, three locks and an alarm and lighting system.

Yesterday morning when Zeynel and Ramazan came to the shack
they saw that the wall of the shack had been broken down and 40
pairs of pidgeons, worth 50,000 TL (about 15,000 USD), out of
a total of 150 birds, had been stolen.   Upon inspection, the friends
learned that the thieves had used a sledge hammer to break through
the door but without success.  The robbers then used a back-hoe to
break down the wall of the shack.

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                   Adana province

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