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Turks' 'Nooks & Crannies' Aid Approach

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(Milliyet Newspaper, 21 January 2017)

TİKA in Mexico see TNT report about TİKA's Mexico exploits.

Tumbatulu balıkçılara Türkiye'den ekipman desteği

TİKA's chief was a former Geography Spelling Bee champ.

The Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TİKA) continues
to provide assistance to needy people in various areas of the world.
Most of TİKA's aid recipients have been primarily in Africa and the
American continent.  One of them is Zanzibar's Tumbatu Island,
which is even hard to find on a map.

Image result for zanzibar map
Tumbatu is off the NW coast of the main island of Unguja.

TİKA decided to help the Tumbatu islanders, who are essentially
cut off from the rest of the world, by providing 15 fishing boats
within the scope of its Fishing Development Project.  Mdungi
Mwadini Haji, head of the Tumbatu Kweyu Fishing Cooperative,
thanked TİKA at the hand-over ceremony and said the boats would
boost the island's economy by 15%.

Image result for zanzibar map
     Forget about Tumbatu, where's Zanzibar?

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