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Times Are Tough, But Turkey is Still OK

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(Milliyet Newspaper, 1 January 2017)

okey TNT keeping this important subject in the spotlight.

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Tension builds as the first-prize fowl awaits its champion.

In Zonguldak, the final of the Okey Tournament held each year for
the past 39 years to support the local amateur football team
Tersanespor was held on New Years Eve amid colorful scenes
at a restaurant in the city.

56 people paid 50 TL each to participate in the tournament and
there were 4 finalist left standing after three days of competition.
As the final match was played a live turkey waited oatiently alongside
the table.

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       The new champ gets his wish(bone).

The final match lasted one hour with Murat Özdemir (51) the
winner, Ayhan Otan (50) finishing second and Ali Ekşi (51)
placing third.  After taking the first-prize turkey from the hands
of Zonguldak Mayor Muharrem Akdemir, the champ had this
to say: "the important thing is to continue the tradition. This is
my second tournament, the first time I was eliminated in the
first round. Now I'm number one and very happy."

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