1 Ocak 2017 Pazar

Thieves Edition: Thoughtful & Selective

türkçe links to original Turkish article

(Milliyet Newspaper, 1 January 2017)

Otomobil hırsızı: ‘Anahtarı  üzerinde bırakmayın!’
Honorary Adana Royal Globe Insurance rep: "lock your cars,
take your keys!"

In Yüreğir district of Adana province, Sefa Ş., a resident of
the Yavuzlar neighborhood, who is said to have a dependency
problem, went with his friend Murat G. to visit his grandmother
in Kozan district.

Upon leaving after the visit, the two youths stole the car of
the grandmother's neighbor, Bahtiyar Canlı.  Police tracked
down the car thieves at the entrance of a bus station.  In his
statement, Sefa Ş. explained that they had stolen the car with
the intent of abducting a prospective bride (!) .  In any event,
(the public-service minded) Sefa Ş. admonished citizens "don't
leave the keys in your car!"

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                         Adana province


türkçe links to original Turkish article

(Milliyet Newspaper, 1 January 2017)
Önce kokladı sonra çaldı
       "Ahhh this guy uses Dr. Scholls foot pads!"

In Bursa, a thief who saw an opportunity during the afternoon
prayers at a mosque, searched for a pair of shoes among those
left by the faithful that would fit his feet.  The incident occurred
at the Erenler mosque in Yıldırım district.

The (discriminating) thief smelled the shoes before deciding on
his choice, then donned them and fled.  The police, acting on
the complaint of the person whose shoes were stolen, are
pursing the culprit.

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                        Bursa province

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