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North American U.'s FETÖ Fugitive Rector

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(Sözcü Newspaper, 10 January 2017)

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He'll also serve as the school's football coach. (could play
the line it appears.)

Şerif Ali Tekalan has been named the rector of North American
University (NAU) in Houston, Texas.  Tekalan, the former rector of
Fatih University in Istanbul, is wanted as a suspect in Turkey in
connection with the comprehensive FETÖ (Fethullah Gülen
Terror Organization) case, the KPSS questions leak case (exam
questions given beforehand to organization members) and the
Football Point-Shaving Plot (primarily waged against Fenerbahçe
football club).

An arrest warrant has been issued for Tekalan but, nevertheless,
NAU announced on it website on 19 December that he has been
named as the school's third rector. NAU began operations in 2010
with the approval of the Texas Higher Education Coordinating
Board (THECB) as 'North American College', changing its name
to university in 2013.

After being named as a suspect, Tekalan fled Turkey first to
Europe and then to the U.S.  A reward of 300,000 TL (a bit less
than 100,000 USD) has been offered for his capture by the
Turkish police.

President Erdoğan brought up this matter in his remarks to
foreign ambassadors, saying "FETÖ member terrorists have
fled to various countries. So while asylum rights are withheld
from Syria and Arakan (Myanmar moslems) refugees, this
is offered to FETÖ and PKK terrorists on a silver platter. A
FETÖ terrorist on the black list in our country can be named
as rector in the U.S. How bizarre is this?"

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Fethullah Gülen reacted approvingly to Tekalan's appointment.

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