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Judge Dread, Drug Gang Courier

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(HaberTürk Newspaper, 27 January 2017)

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Actually, just doing field research re his case files.

When police got on the trail of a drug gang in Diyarbakır an incredible
scandal emerged.  Police received a tip that the drug gang would
transport narcotics to western provinces from the rural areas of Sur
district.  Surveillance of gang members Rauf Kurt and Halil Çetin's
phone calls revealed frequent conversations with Major Case Court
Judge Halil Soğuksu, who was being transferred from Hınıs district
in southern Erzurum province to Bilecik in northwestern Anatolia.

Police determined that suspect Kurt planned to take narcotics he had
stored in Kavaklıdere village to western Turkey with Judge Soğuksu,
so as to avoid scrutiny by police and Gendarmerie units along the
route.  Judge Soğuksu went from Hınıs to Muş with suitcases and his
personal items and from there to Sur district of Diyarbakır where
he met Kurt, who had the narcotics.

Soğuksu was driving a luxury car belonging to the other suspect (Çetin)
when on 24 January the car was stopped by police on the Diyarbakır-
Şanlıurfa highway.  The police search was observed by a public
prosecutor and 90 kilograms of vacuum-packed narcotics were found
under the suitcases in the car.

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           Turns out Soğuksu's a big fan.

In the judge's hand bag police found SİM cards belonging to other
people, 2.5 grams of powder narcotics and 14,100 TL (about 3,000
USD), said to be the payment for his services from the gang.
Soğuksu and Kurt were brought to Diyarbakır and Çetin was found
and arrested, as well.

In his statement, Soğuksu claimed that because of his new assignment
to Bilecik he left Hınıs and went to Diyarbakır to bid farewell to Kurt,
who he said was the brother of a doctor Soğuksu had met when he
worked in İdil district of Şırnak province.  Soğuksu added that "when
Kurt said he was going to Istanbul I decided to go with him.  They
picked me up on the Lice highway in a car.  Then we went to Mardin
so I could visit my mother-in-law (!).  I don't have anything to do with

When police asked Soğuksu why he was going to Mardin on the
Şanlıurfa highway (the opposite direction), the judge did not respond.
Soğuksu (51), who is married and the father of two children, told
police in regard to the powder substance found in his bag: "I used
some of the crystal powder.  I don't know what was in it but my
girlfriend (!) told me it would increase my sexual performance.  I
didn't use any other narcotic substance."

Traces of narcotics were found in Soğuksu's blood.  He and the two
other suspects were charged with "trading in narcotics".

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              Southeastern Anatolia

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