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American Edition: Accidental Inmate

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(HaberTürk Newspaper, 10 January 2017)

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 Chan caught on a video surveillance camera.

Ten days ago the American Conuslate General in Istanbul
contacted Istanbul police about a missing American by the
name of Joe Yat Yung Chan.  According to police, Chan's
mother in the U.S. had been unable to reach him and got
in touch with the Consulate for help.

The Missing Persons Bureau went into action and tried to
determine when Chan had come to Turkey and where he
might have gone.  Traffic accident records were checked,
along with all other possible leads until Chan was located
in the Kocaeli Prison. (!)

Istanbul police reached out to their counterparts in Kocaeli
who confirmed that Chan was in prison as the result of an
incident in which he was charged with "attempted murder".
Istanbul police then informed the Consulate of Chan's current

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Chan must have found this bargain in his Lonely Planet guide.

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