5 Ocak 2017 Perşembe

Bad Luck Edition

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(HaberTürk Newspaper, 5 January 2017)

Trabzonlu Temel Hangi İşe El Attıysa İflas Bayrağını Çekti
             "I wish I had a (blue) watermelon."

Temel Yazıcı (51) lives in Trabzon's Akoluk neighborhood.
Over 15 years every field of endeavor he has tried has been
a failure.  Yazıcı started his working life with a shoe store
but he was bilked of 300,000 USD by his partner, who disappeared.

Next, Yazıcı bought slippers from Laleli (wholesale area in Istanbul)
and started to sell them but his landlord evicted him from his store.
After this, Yazıcı turned his hazel nut garden into a field to grow
Iceberg lettuce from seeds he obtained from Antalya.  Snails
infested the lettuce, ruining his crop.

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 His Holy Grail...but it was not to be, like everything else.

Seeing blue watermelons on the internet, Yazıcı figured that
'Turkish people are curious about interesting things' (!) so he put his
hand to this job.  However, "I got seeds from a firm in Istanbul
and planted them but not one blue watermelon appeared."  He
realized that the seeds had been normal and that he had been
hoodwinked so he bought some 'blue' seeds from Japan via the
internet.  When the plants failed to grow he discovered that mice
had eaten the seeds.

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       T-shirts are Temel's next project.

Last year Yazıcı and a partner set up a greenhouse to grow parsley
and cucumbers but the greenhouse collapsed under heavy snow,
destroying his crops.  Next, Yazıcı tried raising chickens: "I
bought 500 chickens to sell eggs and meat.  Six months into the
project, though, bird flu wiped out all my chickens."

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                  Trabzon province 


türkçe links to original Turkish article

(HaberTürk Newspaper, 5 January 2017)

Hastanede karıştırılan cenazeye tören yaptılar
               May he...uh, she...rest in peace.

In Adana, a mix-up at a private hospital brought yet another
shock to families who had lost a loved one.  Aydın Gültekin (87),
a well-known Adana lawyer, died at the hospital while undergoing
treatment.  The Adana Bar Association arranged a special ceremony
to honor Gültekin at the Adana courthouse, inviting judges,
prosecutors, lawyers and Gültekin's relatives.

The same day, a woman, whose name has not been made public,
died at the hospital and her body was taken from the hospital to
the cemetery for burial.  However, when the woman's coffin was
opened at the gasilhane (where dead bodies are washed), a man's
body was in the coffin, to the horror of her relatives.

It turned out that the bodies had been mixed up at the hospital's
morgue.  As the Gültekin family headed to the Kabasakal
Cemetery after the ceremony at the courthouse, they received a
call informing them that the body in the coffin they thought
contained the late Aydın Gültekin was in fact that of the deceased,
unnamed woman.  

Subsequently, the bodies were transferred and burials completed.
The hospital administration asserted that it was not to blame for
the confusion. (!)

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                       Adana province

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