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Ref's Psychodrama Causes Match Cancellation

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(Millyet Newspaper, 29 January 2017)

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Ref  Eraslan (center) looking as sunny as the weather beforehand.

A referee in the Tokat Super Amateur Football League stopped
a match in progress because he said his psychology was ruined.
The match was being held at the Niksar District Stadium between
Niksar Belediyespor and Erbaa Güreş İhtisasspor.

The home team took the lead in the third minute of play on a goal
by Bayram Nazık.  In the 35th minute Niksar's Fıratcan Koçboğa
complained to referee Hasan Eraslan that he had suffered a foul.
However, Eraslan responded to Koçboğa's complaint by issuing
him a 'yellow card'.  When Koçboğa persisted, Eraslan gave him a
second 'yellow card', followed by a 'red card' (ejection).

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His mood went south with the rain, though, at the 35th minute.

At this point the Erbaa squad, which was on the attack, objected
to the stoppage of play.  Facing complaints from both teams,
Eraslan declared "my psychology is ruined! I can't run the match
in this state!" and called off the match.

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Niksar and Erbaa districts are in north central Tokat.

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