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Brotherly Prison Switch Works, Until it Doesn't

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(Millyet Newspaper, 14 January 2017)

Metris Cezaevinden inanılmaz firar
      Ersin Icıl...or is it Yasin Icıl??

Yasin Icıl was convicted of a double murder and three counts
of attempted murder and sentenced to 75 years in prison.  23
days ago he escaped from Metris Prison in Istanbul (!).

On 4 August 2014, newlyweds Şehriban Icıl and Erkan Bayat
went to a photography studio in Kağithane, Istanbul.  At the
same time, the bride's relatives stormed the studio and her
brothers Yasin (20), Ersin (18) and Suat (30) sprayed groom
Bayat and his family with bullets.

In the incident, Erkan Bayat and his uncle Celal Bayat were
killed and three other people were injured.  Yasin and Ersin
Icıl were arrested but on 22 December 2016 Ersin was aquitted.
Yasin Icıl, though, was sentenced to a 75-year prison term.

After the court's decision, both brothers were brought back to
Metris Prison.  As soon as they entered the prison Yasin shaved
his beard so he would better resemble his brother Ersin.  Yasin
then  used Ersin's ID card to get himself released.  A bit later,
Ersin went to the prison psychologist and complained that
although he had been acquitted he had not been released. This,
however, exposed the brothers' trick.

Six prison guards have been summoned for questioning and
Yasın Icıl is begin sought by police.

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What could possibly make one want to leave this lovely place?

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