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Football Fanatic's Cup Envy

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(HaberTürk Newspaper, 13 January 2017)

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Result of heading the glass, instead of heading the ball.

Trabzonspor football fan Halit Şahin (39) came to the Fenerbahçe
football team's museum, adjacent to the club's Fenerium store at
Fenerbahçe Stadium, the day before yesterday at about 10:30 in
the morning.  Screaming "we've been waiting for this cup for years!",
Şahin head-butted the glass protecting the Fenerbahçe championship
cups and grabbed one of them.

Security officers nabbed Şahin and turned him over to police.  In his
statement Şahin explained that "I run a café in Trabzon. Before coming
to Istanbul to get the 2010-2011 championship cup that rightfully
belongs to Trabzonspor, I put a video on the internet in which I said
that if anything happens to me it's my own fault."

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On a par with the Crown Jewels (for Super League fans anyway).

"I came to the Fenerbahçe Museum and broke the glass with my head,
bloodying it in the process.  I took the cup from its spot but when I
started losing blood I put it back. Because of the injustice done to
Trabzonspor and the fact that it has faded in the public's memory, I
staged this incident."  Şahin was taken to Maltepe Prison.

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                           No love lost.

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