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Russian Shipwreck Found in Lake Van

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(Milliyet Newspaper, 13 January 2017)

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                    From Russia with love...

A 40-meter long sunken Russian ship has been found at the bottom
of Lake Van.  The effort to find the ship was undertaken by the Lake
Van Underwater Research Association (VANSAD) and underwater
images director Tahsin Ceylan.

The ship was built by the Russians in 1915 to carry ammunition and
cargo during World War I when Russia controlled large parts of
present-day eastern Turkey.   Director Ceylan explained to reporters
that the ship was sunk during a storm in 1958.  He added that
"the father of our friend Adilcevazlı Cumali Birol had told Birol
about the sunken ship many years ago, noting as they passed the
spot in the lake that 'there's a ship lying here'."

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              Crew members from 1951.

Together with Birol, the researchers dove at the spot in qustion,
which is off the coast of Çanakdüzü village in Reşadiye district of
Bitlis province.  Ceylan said that when the divers found the wreck
they saw the ship's name 'Akdamar' on the stern and the words
'Akdamar - Tatvan' (Akdamar from Tatvan port) written on the deck.
Ceylan added that "the ship is Russian-made and we think it sunk in
a storm in 1958."

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Reşadiye is east of Tatvan along the south shore of  Lake Van.

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