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Urban Lion Resists Urban Renewal

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(Sözcü Newspaper, 20 January 2017)

demo terror see previous TNT reporting from Sivas on this issue.

Evini başına yıktılar
        Making a last stand, against all odds.

Contractor Barsan Yapı, implementing a construction project
related to the Fikirtepe, Istanbul, urban renewal program, agreed
with 180 homeowners and cleared a 13,000 square meter lot for
new construction.  One homeowner, however, has refused to
agree with Barsan Yapı and his house remains standing.

The hold-outs, Aslan Yıldız and his wife Şehriban Yıldız, were
profiled in a Sözcü report a month ago.  Since then, the Yıldız
couple has been subjected to measures from the firm to "encourage"
them to settle.  The firm's hired excavators tore down the Yıldız's
electrical pole, leaving the couple without electricity and gas.
Water-related facilities of the Yıldız's home were damaged and last
week a back-hoe crashed through the roof of the house making it
unlivable. (!)

           Appropriately, "Aslan" means "lion".

Thieves have since broken into the house and stolen jewelry and
cash, while the couple has moved to their son's home.   In order
to keep the house they've lived in for 40 years, the Yıldız's filed
a complaint with the public prosecutor.  Aslan explained that "I
didn't bargain. I agreed to rent assistance and the value of the
house but then they (Barsan Yapı) began playing games so I
can't trust them anymore."

As for Barsan Yapı, board member Hakan Çabuk (lamely)
noted that "we didn't know anything about the back-hoe and
the roof. It must have been the result of a misunderstanding.
We're looking into it."  Meanwhile, Aslan spends his days at
the house to fend off further demolition efforts by Barsan Yapı.  

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   Kadıköy district of Istanbul (home of TNT)

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