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A 'Bodrum Vacation' Under Duress in a 'bodrum'

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(HaberTürk Newspaper, 25 June 2017)

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                  Şişli's 'bodrum'.... 

Yesterday morning a fire broke out in the basement of a 5-story apartment
building on Marsık Street in the Eskişehir neighborhood of Şişli, Istanbul.
Hearing the cries for help, a neighbor alerted the fire department, which
promptly came and extinguished the fire and the victims, an Iranian family,
were treated in an ambulance.

It turned out that the Iranian family of five had come to Turkey 25 days
ago for a vacation.  They first went to Denizli and stayed there for a while
before coming last week to Istanbul, where they rented an apartment in the
Aksaray district.  The Iranian father told a tour operator that he wanted to
take his family on a vacation to Bodrum, a popular vacation spot in
southwestern Turkey on the Aegean Sea.

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              ...and it's Aegean coast namesake.

Last Thursday the family boarded the tour operator's vehicle, in which
there were two armed men. The family was taken to the basement -
'bodrum' means 'basement' in Turkish - apartment in Şişli and locked
in there for four days.  After the fire - which the Iranians started as a last
resort -  brought authorities to the scene,the kidnappers fled.  The Iranian
father told police that the 4 kidnappers had taken $7,000, some jewelry
and their passports.  Police are searching for the 4 suspects.

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                   Şişli district of Istanbul.


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