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Japan Frowns on Turkish Export: 'Hanutçuluk'

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(Milliyet Newspaper, 25 June 2017)

Türk hanutçulara Tokyo’da gözaltı
Foot traffic a bit sparse so remedy is 'hanutçuluk'.

Two Turks working at 'Kader Kebap' in Tokyo were taken into custody
by Tokyo police for badgering prospective customers ('hanutçuluk' in
Turkish).  Police had received 27 complaints in two months about
the workers at the restaurant, which is in the Roppongi section of the
city.  Mehmet Isi (24) and his brother Cengiz (20) were arrested.

The Turks were taken into custody based on the "Law About Blocking
the Wind" (freedom of movement).  According to Sankei Shimbun
newspaper, the Isi brothers were stopping people on the street and
trying to drag them into the restaurant by their arms.  There are 3
kebap restaurants on the same street and competition for customers
is fierce.  The arrested Turks denied the charges.

Image result for tokyo roppongi map
Strangely, no mention of Kader Kebap in the town's guide book.

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