23 Haziran 2017 Cuma

Old Multi-Zero TL Notes Hoodwink Indians

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(Milliyet Newspaper, 23 June 2017)

Tedavülden kalkan TL ile dolandırıcılık
                              "What to do?"

The multi-zero Turkish Lira notes that were taken out of circulation by
Turkey in 2005 are being used to hoodwink people in India.  The old
TL notes were gathered up by the Turkish Central Bank in the year after
the termination but somehow (!) Indian crime organizations were able
to acquire at least some of them.

In the latest raid on the multi-zero bilkers, Indian police smashed a
crime gang in the southern city of Bangalore, in Karnataka state. that
was trying to sell old 500,000 TL notes.  The 4-member gang was
preparing to make a $11 million killing with the notes by selling them
at today's TL exchange rate to unwitting citizens.  Today 1TL is worth
18.24 Indian Rupees.  The gang planned to sell each old 500,000 TL
note for 9.1 million Rupees, or $140,000 per note, for a total payout of
$11 million.

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