17 Haziran 2017 Cumartesi

Fainting Spells Edition

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(Korkusuz Newspaper, 17 June 2017)

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"Clean up in aisle 3!"

In Birecik district of Şanlıurfa province, the evening before last at a
coffeehouse, Ahmet Kayın came by to watch his friends who were
playing the board game 'okey'.  After a bit, though, Kayın fainted and
fell off his stool onto the floor.  A health unit was called and Kayın
was attended to, although the 'okey' players couldn't have been less
interested in his fate.

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Birecik district is in far western Şanlıurfa province.


türkçe links to original Turkish article

(Hürriyet Newspaper, 17 June 2017)

Yeşil reçeteli soyguncular
Paid vacation, thanks to epilepsy drug and no conscience.

In Ankara, two individuals used a prescription epilepsy medicine to
make 4 people faint so they could then take their victims' money and
credit cards.  The suspects mixed the medicine with ayran or fruit juice
and offered it to their targets to drink.

Based on the complaints of the victims, police looked at MOBESE (street
surveillance) video and determined the license plate number of the
perpetrators' car.  A special police team followed the suspects' car to
Antalya, where they took a vacation for themselves.  Upon their return to
Ankara, police arrested Y.D. and H.G., who were identified by their victims.

Y.D. and H.G. used the 20,000 TL (about $6,000) they stole for their
Antalya vacation.  As for their hoodwinking technique: the suspects
approached people sitting on benches in parks or gardens, struck up
a conversation and offered their victims a 'friendly' drink of ayran or
fruit juice.  When their targets fainted, the suspects took their money
and credit cards.

Map from Ankara to Antalya

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