10 Haziran 2017 Cumartesi

Badfellows Edition

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(Hürriyet Newspaper, 10 June 2017)

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In Istanbul. police have broken up a gang that extracted millions from
businessmen who owed the gang exorbitant interest payments on loans.
Even if the victims paid their debts the gang demanded more.

Businessman E.S. borrowed 600,000 TL from Alper Erarslan at 2%
interest.  E.S. also had to give Erarslan the deed to his house and a
blank check as 'security'.  When E.S. paid the debt off, though, Erarslan
did not return the deed and demanded more money.  Explaining what
happened, E.S. said "Erarslan and 5 others put a gun to my head and
said 'don't trust your brothers. We'll bury them and you right here.'"

E.S. informed police of the matter and 8 suspects, said by 8 businessmen
to have extorted 15 million TL from them, were taken into custody and
ultimately Alper Erarslan, his brother Erdinç Erarslan, Mete Akyürek,
Mehmet Ali Yılmaz and Recep Altunoğlu were jailed.  


türkçe links to original Turkish article

(HaberTürk Newspaper, 10 June 2017)

Birlikte tatile gittiği boşandığı eşi, boğazını kesti

Fatma Nur D. (24), the married mother of two children, took her 4 year-
old son from her first marriage and her 3 month-old daughter from her
second marriage with her on a vacation to Antalya with her divorced
first husband (!), Nurettin Ş.  En route to Antalya Fatma Nur and Nurettin
argued, prompting Nurettin to stop the car in the İncesu neighborhood of
Konya's Seydişehir district.

Nurettin then beat and stabbed Fatma Nur in the neck and threw her
and her 3 month-old daughter onto the road.  Nurettin fled with his 4
year-old son.  A passer-by heard the baby crying and called police,
who took Fatma Nur and the child to Seydişehir State Hospital.  Since
Fatma Nur's condition was quite serious, she was transfered onward to
Konya Meram Training and Research Hospital, while the baby was
given over to Fatma Nur's relatives.

Soon afterwards, police arrested Nurettin who was hiding in a house
in Konya's Çomaklı neighborhood with his son.  While being taken
to the police station Nurettin asked reporters "should I strike a pose for
you?"  Meanwhile, Fatma Nur's current husband, Yusuf Duran, had
filed a missing persons notice with police because he had not heard
from Fatma Nur since the previous morning (!).

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