6 Haziran 2017 Salı

Early Fathers Day Edition

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(HaberTürk Newspaper, 6 June 2017)

Babaya ‘tokat’ cezası
Shave and a haircut 6,000 TL (or 10 months in jail).

In Bağcılar, Istanbul, barber Adem Orduluoğlu has been sentenced to
pay 6,000 TL (about $2,500) as the result of a case brought against him
for hitting his wife and daughter.  Four years ago, Orduluoğlu argued
with his daughter and wife, striking them both.  Both his wife and
daughter withdrew their complaints against Orduluoğlu but the public
prosecutor persisted.

After a four-year legal battle, Orduluoğlu has been told to pay his wife
and daughter each 3,000 TL.  In the event that he doesn't pay the fines
in cash or through 10 monthly payments he will have to perform public
service 4 days per week.  If Orduluoğlu fails to do this, he will serve a
10-month jail term.

Commenting on his situation, Orduluoğlu lamented that "after I hit my
daughter she hit me back but I didn't file a complaint, as a soft-hearted
father.  There really was no hitting involved.  I'm against violence toward
my wife and daughter. I wouldn't harm an ant.  I'm want to stand up for
men's rights!"

Image result for bağcılar istanbul haritası
      Bağcılar district of Istanbul


türkçe links to original Turkish article

(Sözcü Newspaper, 6 June 2017)

Image result for babasını bile dolandırdı saadettin g
             Happy Fathers Day, dad!

Saadettin G. (41) worked at the PTT office in Taşova, Amasya.  At various
times Saadettin used the ID information he got from 26 people, including
his own father F.G (81) (!), to illegally obtain over 1 million TL (about
$200,000) in bank credit.

Saadettin was arrested by police in Istanbul as he tried to leave the country.
Also taken into custody were his accomplices K.B. (41) and E.G. (26).
Police also summoned PTT Taşova chief L.G. to give a statement.  It
turned out that Saadettin had redirected the surveillance cameras at the
PTT while he emptied the PTT ATM and cash box.  He spent all the
money at nightclubs in Istanbul while staying at the home of a relative

     Image result for amasya taşova haritası
Taşova district is in easternmost Amasya province.


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