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Putin Steps on the Gas, Big-Time

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(HaberTürk Newspaper, 1 June 2017)

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                      That is one big ship!

"Pioneering Spirit":

Length: 382 meters
Width: 124 meters
Depth: 27 meters
Maximum lift capacity: 48,000 tons
Number of cranes: 3,
Maximum speed: 14 knots
Personnel: 571
On-board factories: 5 installation, 6 welding, 6 painting.

The day before yesterday the 382-meter long "Pioneering Spirit"
construction ship that will be used to build the TurkStream natural
gas pipeline from Russia to Turkey under the Black Sea, passed through
the Dardanelles Strait.  Yesterday, the ship passed through the Bosphorus
Strait at Istanbul, as it continues its journey from Rotterdam, Holland,
to the Russian Black Sea port of Anapa.

The giant pipe-laying ship was shepherded through the strait by three
pilot boats and two salvage ships, along with Coast Guard and police
boats.  The 4 pipelines of TurkStream will each transport 15,750,000,000
cubic meters of gas across the bottom of the Black Sea for 910 kilometers.
Once the pipeline makes landfall at Kıyıköy in Turkish Thrace, it will
be layed overland for another 260 kilometers.  Russia's GAZPROM will
build the pipeline alone.

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                Clearly, anything is possible.

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